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Rotating Objects – Google SketchUp

Last week I was in Ms. Curfman’s STEM class working with students on making 3D models of buildings they designed on paper. We built houses together to learn the basic tools. Now they have a question for me, so I’ve created this brief video to help them rotate objects they are importing from the 3D warehouse.


Photo Booth Green Screen

Ms. Johnson’s students will be creating videos to share their findings about artists and art. This is a tutorial I made a long time ago for elementary teachers, but I think it will work great for what this group of students is planning to do.

Ms. Johnson has had her students work on some amazing projects this year, and she shares really cool stuff on her blog. Videos are a new adventure for her, and I’m happy to be planning this with her.

 The finished products will be published to Ms. Johnson’s YouTube channel. Look for an update soon.


Technology, Old and New

I walked past the Ceramics Studio this afternoon and caught Mrs. Long making a sample for her students. The process took several minutes. I’ve sped up the video in iMovie.

Watching Mrs. Long reminded me that teachers have used technology for centuries. I wonder how much tech support the ceramics guild needed to provide adequate classes to its apprentices. 😉


From YouTube to Your Blog

At yesterday’s eBooks class, teachers asked about using YouTube to share videos created in their classrooms. Here’s a video to guide them though the process from start to finish.

Audio, Video, and Independent Learning

This morning I was invited to Ms. Townsend’s ESOL classroom (blog). The students have been using Google Translate and other tools on mobile devices to help them communicate with teachers and peers, and I wanted to see how things were going.

The students have benefitted greatly and have learned much since they started using the iPods, and we wanted to give them even more opportunities than the apps can.

After chatting with the two students from Mexico, the three of us agreed some of the apps are aimed at very young children. They want something more. We have found several podcasts we liked after reviewing a few episodes together. One in particular caught our attention. Habla bien ingles (iTunes link) helps Spanish speakers master sounds in English. With video and audio, each episode guides students through various sounds a letter might make in different words.

The students now have the podcast episodes on their iPods. They also know how to use the video camera to record themselves practicing the sounds after watching each episode. Video of themselves will allow them to self-asses and practice any time.

Next week we will get together again and see how everyone is doing, and we will load the next set of podcast episodes from the Tu ingles! podcast (iTunes link).

Publishing Very Large Files

Sometimes we create files that are larger than the size limit we have set for our WordPress server. Here is a video showing you how to publish those files.

Please keep these things in mind:

  1. You cannot do this from home. You can only access the web server to move files to your Sites folder when you connect from within our network

  2. Your file name should have no capital letters, no spaces, and no punctuation.

  3. Always test that your file plays properly after you have published your post.

If you need any additional help with this, please let me know. And, for more tips and tutorials on publishing to your blog, visit our complete publishing guide.


Accessing Shared Folders

Due to a few technical changes, we have modified the procedure for students to access their shared folders when they are using LAPTOPS. There is no change to the procedure when using desktop computers in labs or the LMC.

Please show this short video to your students to make sure they can get to their files.

Whoosh-free Classroom

iChat is an important communication tool here in Goochland County. Still, it can be a distraction sometimes. Even when we set our status as “away” we can hear alerts. With so many teachers carrying their laptops, we constantly hear the whoosh of buddies joining and leaving iChat.

Here is a little video showing how to shut off the whooshing sound.

Posting Video to Your blog

This is a video guiding teachers through the process of publishing audio or video files to their blogs. It is a very brief, no-frills tutorial that will be part of a blogging flowchart project that should be ready to share with all our teachers in the next few days.

Fixing Your Pen

This short video was produced using an AVerMedia document camera and a combination of iMovie HD and iMovie 08. Take a look and learn how to fix the barrel button on a Promethean ActivPen.

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