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How Did I Add the Video?

I created my last post with Vi Hart’s video as I was making a tutorial of how to embed a video in a blog post. Here’s the tutorial now.


iChat Icons

Keeping names and faces straight when we have met lots of new people in a short period of time is hard. Luckily, we can let iChat help us with that.

Here is a very brief tutorial showing all our new teachers how to add their picture to iChat to help everyone know who they are. I also think veteran Goochland teachers should change their icon to show their face, at least for a few weeks, to help the new teachers out.


Moving to Google Calendar

Now that we are using Google Apps for Education much more than we have in the past, you might want to take advantage of all the features that make calendars easy to share. If you have been an iCal user in the past, you might want to move everything you’ve already created in iCal rather than starting from Scratch.

Exporting your iCal events is easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Under the On My Mac heading on the left, highlight the calendar you wish to move to Google Calendar.
  2. In iCal, go to File > Export… > Export…
  3. Choose a save location and hit Export.
  4. Repeat these steps for each calendar you want to export.
When this is done, follow the instructions on the Google Help page that will show you how to import your iCal file into a Google Calendar.

Movie Trailers!

I have had a really fun morning making movie trailers with teachers. I can’t keep these from a wider audience. They are really good.

Password Protection

Our blogs are great places to share with the world. However, there are things we publish that might not be meant for everyone. When this happens, you might want to create a password-protected post.

Here is a tutorial showing you how to do this.


Navigating Our Blogs

If you teach more than one prep, you likely have items on your blog that apply to only a portion of your students. While it is the nature of a blog to just list your posts in reverse chronological order, you can help anyone who visits get to the most relevant information very easily. There are a couple of ways in which you can do this. My preferred way is to use categories.

Here is a brief tutorial of how to use categories on your blog.



Landscape, Please

This morning I helped two colleagues edit video captured by students using mobile devices. I had the opportunity to share a few tips with them to help their future editing.

  1. Teach yourself and your students to always hold devices in landscape mode. Remind yourself of this by picturing television sets, computer displays, and movie screens. You never see those standing on end, so don’t make your video stand on end.

  2. Use a tripod, or brace your wrist on a stable object. All that shaking is very distracting.

  3. Get close enough to your subject to make it clear what you want your audience to see. Capturing video from across the room gives you a tiny image and poor audio when not using a microphone.

If you can only remember one of the three, please make it #1.

Sound Effects in iMovie

Mr. Burch and his Goochland Players are preparing for their upcoming production of Dracula. They will be enhancing the live action on stage with audio and video effects. Here’s a tutorial I made after spending time with them in the auditorium this morning.


Where Did My Post Go?

Over the past few days, I have had several teachers ask this question. It seems some blog posts are disappearing. Or are they?

Watch this brief video to find out where your blog posts have gone. If you are not missing any, watch so none go missing in the future.


Master Googler

Everything is in Google if you know how to find it. That last bit is the important one. Do you know how to find everything in Google?

Now is your chance to learn.

Registration is open for the Power Searching with Google online course. In six 50-minute sessions, you can learn all the tricks from Dan Russell (blog). You will even get a certificate. Cool, huh?

I think I’m pretty good at finding things, and have learned a lot from playing the daily Google search puzzle. I still would love to take the class, but will be traveling during the days the course will be live.

It would be great if Google could offer this again during the school year. I know a few teachers who’d find a way to incorporate this into their syllabus.

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