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Accessing Your Archived Courses

Teachers are getting an early start and populating their Schoology courses with activities and resources for students. I’ve been getting questions about accessing last year’s classes. Here is a video showing where archived courses can be found. If you need help moving resources to and from the Resources folders, I wrote a post about it in the spring. Follow this link to access it.

Stop Motion Cells

Mr. Summitt’s students have been learning about mitosis and they have put together really nice animations using their iPads. I have edited four of my favorite animations turned in through Schoology into a single movie.

Watch these cells divide and learn.


PBL and Cross-Curricular Connections

A few weeks ago I interviewed Ms. Kass and Ms. Krickovic to highlight what was going on in their classrooms. Both teachers told me about projects that let students publish their work based on research using Schoology as a platform for discussion and collaboration among students.

There are many overlapping aspects to these two projects, and now that the teachers have had the opportunity to reflect upon the results, they are making plans to make this a cross-curricular project next year.


Schoology – Student Completion Requirements

True or false: When I give my students work, they all finish at the same time.

Yes, keeping kids on task is one of the most difficult issues faced by teachers. Schoology has a tool that can help.

When you have multiple activities planned for a class period, you can create a folder with all your resources and require that students work in order, achieving a minimum score per item. Watch this tutorial to find out how to set up a classwork folder with Student Completion requirements.

Submitting iWork Documents – Schoology

If your students are using iPads, the easiest way for them to submit work is through Schoology. In a previous post, I shared a video on how to turn in Google Drive documents through Schoology. In this video, I share how to turn in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote files.



Who’s Using Schoology?

Today I helped Mr. Hecker with a bit of a computer glitch. He started telling me how much he likes Schoology, so I decided to make it a formal chat. Here’s the video.


Schoology – Calendar Colors

How can you tell who added a calendar event in Schoology? You can change the color of each calendar for each of your classes to make them easier to tell apart. Watch this video to learn how.


Schoology and Google Drive Integration

Here is another tutorial for teachers and students using Schoology and Google Drive. When teachers create an assignment, students can turn in Google Drive documents very easily. Watch the video that includes all steps.

But, why use Schoology if we already have Teacher Dashboard?

I believe they serve very different purposes. Teacher Dashboard allows teachers to view student work while it is in progress. Students need scaffolding as they work on lengthy assignments, and Teacher Dashboard and Google Drive provide the perfect combination for this. Using the commenting function and the revision history function, teachers can track student progress and give constructive feedback. Once the due date arrives, Schoology allows teachers to collect an assignment that will not be edited further.

Schoology – Allowing Student Posts

Schoology courses are very flexible. Teachers can change settings to fit their needs. Sometimes teachers will want students to post updates, and sometimes they won’t. Here’s a video showing you how to make that happen.


Schoology – Student View

It is always a bit scary to try out new tools in the classroom. What if kids can’t see what I have given them to do?

This video will help you with that. Everything that you add to Schoology, you can preview as a student.


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