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Month: April 2013

Password Protection

Our blogs are great places to share with the world. However, there are things we publish that might not be meant for everyone. When this happens, you might want to create a password-protected post.

Here is a tutorial showing you how to do this.


Navigating Our Blogs

If you teach more than one prep, you likely have items on your blog that apply to only a portion of your students. While it is the nature of a blog to just list your posts in reverse chronological order, you can help anyone who visits get to the most relevant information very easily. There are a couple of ways in which you can do this. My preferred way is to use categories.

Here is a brief tutorial of how to use categories on your blog.



For the Win!

What happens when we collaborate and use our creativity? We win!

Last Friday, April 5, Follett announced the winners of the Follett Challenge, a competition in which schools participate to receive funding for equipment and supplies. The prizes go to schools that demonstrate the success of innovative and creative activities centered around their media center. The application process includes writing a wide range of essays answering questions that introduce judges to the best qualities of each school’s staff and initiatives. The centerpiece of the application process is a video that is shared on the Follett website for all visitors to view.


We worked very hard on all our essays, but the video was a great collaborative effort that included the marching band, students, teachers, and administrators. Everyone gave their time for the benefit of the school, and it certainly paid off. Months after we first sat down to discuss how to highlight the importance of our LMC in the life of the school, we heard we had been awarded the fourth place prize among 115 participating schools. Of course, we had hoped for the grand prize, but we are very happy to have won.

But this is not the end of this. We have seen what other schools are doing, and we are borrowing their ideas. One of my favorite initiatives was shared by another Challenge winner school, Seneca High School. Their video (link to Follett Challenge video) highlights their One Book / One School initiative and how students rallied and became a more close-knit community by sharing activities centered around a book. I would love to try this at GHS.

This was a memorable experience that will continue to benefit our school. I’m very proud to have been a part of it.

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