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Month: March 2010

Password Protection

Sometimes teachers share information on their blogs that is not meant for the world at large, but for a group of students or parents. Here is a very short video showing how to password-protect blog posts in WordPress.

Approved Blog Comments?

It is flattering when people comment on your blog. However, sometimes good comments hide bad stuff. Here is a short video with some advice on approving or deleting blog comments.

Picture 1


Living the History Dream

A long time ago, in a land far away, I wanted to be a history teacher. My parents were very persuasive, and I majored in Economics. Today, I got to teach history. Yay!

It all started with a meeting about active versus passive learning. I was helping a teacher come up with ideas to engage her students. In the end, I offered to model a lesson using the Promethean board, Google Earth, and some storytelling. Today, the kids helped me tell the story of Mohammed, his flight to Medina, the conflicts after his death, and the spread of Islam over the next 500 years.

As much as I enjoyed it, I am not a history teacher. So, it was great to get back to my office, glance at my RSS reader, and find this post from Glen Wiebe about interactive lectures. I feel validated that experts actually write articles in journals about what I did today.

Sketchy Cones

Mr. Smith will be working with parabolas in his class today. He asked for a review of how to draw cones in SketchUp. Here’s an easy tutorial for him to follow.

Lunch Art

I was talking to a teacher at the GMS lunch room when I heard a student calling me. He wondered if I could take a picture of his sculpture. Lucky him! I had my MacBook under my arm, as usual. Here’s Nate’s Chicken Tower.

Photo on 2010-03-11 at 10.46

Promethean Level 3

Tonight I’ll be leading the Promethean Level 3 class at the Central Office training room. We will discuss ActiVotes and different strategies for formative assessment and active student engagement. We will also take a look at desktop tools and the desktop overlay. The flipchart we will use for the class has been posted to our Handouts Wiki.

Flickr Photo Credits

In the next few weeks, I will be working with Ms. Talley and her students to learn more about the hummingbirds we’ve been watching. The students will be using images from Flickr, so I’ve created this video to remind them of how to save the information they need to give proper attribution to the photographers.

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