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Month: January 2010

Claymation, Again

I really enjoy watching kids do fun stuff. Here is a claymation clip students created in Art class. They are collaborating with the Drama students, who will be adding voices and sound effects.

Picture 2


For Ms. Bratton’s Students

Yesterday morning I worked with Ms. Bratton’s students on Scratch. To learn the basics, we created a silly animation about Scratch and Julia. Here is the file. The students asked for it to be available so they can provide an end to the story. Can’t wait to see the end results.

Paper Saver

Last week we discussed ways to save paper in school. The easiest, quickest way of keeping kids from printing is to have them turn in assignments using your digital drop box. Here is a video to help you set up your drop box. I posted a video showing students how to use the drop box a  while back.

Student Files

I created this video to help our students hang on to their files.

I used a student computer, I logged in as a student, and I used an online screencasting tool.

Because I had limited permissions while logged on as a student, I was unable to download the video file to make further edits. Please excuse the umms and ahhhs and low volume.

GLND in 3D

A number of new 3D buildings were added to Goochland in Google Earth this past weekend. Now everyone around the world can see more of what our little corner of Virginia looks like, thanks to Mrs. Berry’s students.

Picture 1

Travel IQ Challenge

This morning I spent some time in Mrs. Yearout-Patton’s classroom, working with her students on how to be better digital citizens.

Before we got started on the serious stuff, we played Travel IQ Challenge – US. I have played this little game many times on Facebook, but never enjoyed it as much as I did today. The students went up to the Promethean board and clicked away, placing their little flags. They all laughed when flags landed in the wrong state, and cheered when the distance between the green and red flags was tiny. Then we got to the “city nicknames” round. That was tough. We didn’t know many of them and had to guess. But, after the guess, when we saw the right answer, it was interesting to hear what the students had to say about why the city had the nickname.

We all learned, and we had fun.

Did you know? you can create your own Travel IQ Challenge with any locations your students need to identify.

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