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Month: September 2009

Science Interactivity

I’m getting back to my SAS Curriculum Pathways a bit later than expected. Here is the third installment, a quick run-through of a biology simulation.

Small Pictures

How big do pictures need to be on our blogs? Well, here is something I put together to take the guesswork out of uploading pictures.

Download the shrink app and keep the ladybug icon on your desktop (you will find it in your Downloads folder). Drag any pictures you want to upload to the icon. The app will make a perfectly-sized copy of the picture for you to upload to your blog.

I guarantee you will not run our of storage space for a long, long time.

Music and Meaning

Today I discussed the idea of starting a Diversity Club at school with some colleagues. We tossed around some of the ways in which we could foster tolerance and understanding.

Here’s an idea: swap music for a day. As Andrei Codrescu tells us in his commentary, the music we choose to carry with us is the soundtrack to our lives, our memories, and even our dreams.

Of course, even if you don’t like my idea, read the commentary. It is beautifully written.


Writing Reviser

In my second installment of the SAS Curriculum Pathways I share the Writing Reviser, a very helpful text editing tool. It will find everything from over-used words to run-on sentences with a single click. Take a look.

And check back tomorrow for SAS and Spanish.

Sassy SAS Tool

We now have one more cool tool for all our teachers to use. SAS Curriculum Pathways has interactive resources that work great on our Promethean boards.

Here is a sample Math lesson.

Check back tomorrow for a Language Arts sample.

Apple Quality

Since coming to Goochland I’ve had conversations with teachers who question the wisdom of our choice to be an all-Mac school district.

Well, aside from how easy it is to use everything, the durability of the products is impressive. Here’s an example of a laptop run over by a car. It needed repairs, but it survived!

Meet the Elements!

Here’s a great video for kids of all ages. Enjoy!

Update Your Update

All teacher computers were updated over the summer. Still, between the time the update was done and today, Apple has released new updates, fixes, new features, etc.

To make sure everything is always working like it should, check for software updates. I do it once a week. You should, too.

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