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Month: August 2009

Trial and Error

How do I know what I know? Well, every so often, this is how it works.

Find more funny stuff at xkcd.

Copyright Education

Can you explain the differences between royalty-free, public domain, Creative Commons, and copyright protection?

All our new teachers will be learning about all these, plus how to keep themselves and their students safe online this year. If you already went through the course and would like a refresher, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has put together a handy curriculum you can use for yourself or share with your students.

Cord Management

Les Simpson (@cowboysamurai) shared this resource. Looks like a really good idea for handling the audio, video, and USB cords for the Promethean boards.

X Files

Last week we introduced our new teachers to their new laptops and the power of OS X. We stuck to the essentials because there are so may other things to share with new teachers. In case we missed anything, John Hendron has posted a series of really good videos on our website.

For those who like to read instead, TUAW has lots of interesting stuff as part of their Mac 101 series. There’s stuff in there for everyone, novices and veterans alike.

Historic Social Networking

Last year Ms. Kuhns and I worked with students to create off-line Facebook profiles for fictional characters in lieu of a traditional book report. We all had fun and the kids did some really good work.

This summer I’ve been reading Historical Tweets (humor), I’ve been following John Quincy Adams (MA Historical Society) on Twitter, and on the HistoryTech blog, I found nifty Facebook profile for Abraham Lincoln.

Whether creating these in class, or using them to start a discussion, I think students will find them more engaging than sticking to their textbooks.

Welcome to Goochland

Yesterday I met all our new teachers during out first technology training session. It was great to see all of them so excited about receiving their laptops. I look forward to working with those who will be at the GMS/GHS complex this year.

Teaching and Society

@jonbecker posted links to an article on the Washington Post and an article on The Oregonian. I thought they were worth sharing.

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