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I am sitting at the Blogger’s Cafe at the convention center in San Antonio listening to the opening keynote. What can I do to bring more technology to Goochland schools? Is this question for me, or for all our teachers? Don’t we all want more? We already do a lot with technology. Now we need to showcase it so parents, local leaders, and legislators can see the power of the tools we have. Our new blogs will make this VERY easy.

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  1. Don’t forget what’s important to teachers. How does the advocacy of technology in education benefit them? Is there an immediate benefit? A prolonged one? Does it work with individuals, or does it need to be the whole?

    I hope you picked up some strategies in the session you attended today; I am sure at least some of what you learned can be put to use in GLND if not VSTE.

  2. My first target is Goochland, of course. If the community (parents and school board members alike) see the benefits of well-integrated technology, they may be more likely to support GCPS and allow us to provide new tools and in-depth training for teachers. More doesn’t always mean more toys. More professional wouldn’t hurt. Support from the community and county leadership may lead to more participation from teachers.

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